Our methodology

Our methodology stems from our conviction that collective engagement has the potential to strengthen local communities and improve our neighbourhoods. Our non-linear approach is made up of four complementary steps that allow spaces for and by communities to flourish in ways that build citizens’ sense of ownership.

This methodology is inspired particularly by placemaking; an approach to urban development focused on the cocreation of public places that bring people together and are easily appropriated by neighbouring populations. Placemaking is a process of reappropriating spaces by local communities from inception to activation.

With the aim of creating a systemic change in our society, La Pépinière has put into place programs and tools aimed at supporting local initiatives. Our organisation is convinced change can come about by facilitating and accompanying the development and execution of initiatives put forward by local actors. These tools and programs flesh out our approach to placemaking by fulfilling the need for scaling our practice: an essential part of achieving our mission to make cities more participative.